3 Digit Addition Activity Pack

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If your child is working on addition of 3 digit numbers, then this resource is sure to give them LOTS of practice!

This pack contains a wide variety of different question types to help your child practise their addition skills in lots of different ways.

This resource is made up of 3 different activities:

  • 10 no prep worksheets,
  • a ‘true/false’ sorting activity, and
  • a set of 20 task cards.

This resource practises addition both with and without regrouping.



There are 10 worksheets in this pack (12 questions per worksheet):

  • Worksheets 1 and 2: no regrouping
  • Worksheets 3 and 4: regrouping in one column
  • Worksheets 5 and 6: regrouping in two columns
  • Worksheets 7 and 8: regrouping in three columns
  • Worksheets 9 and 10: a selection of questions including both regrouping and no regrouping Each worksheet has 12 questions.


‘True/false’ sorting activity

There are 20 question cards included, each showing a 3 digit addition sum. For each question, you need to work out whether the answer on the card is correct (true) or incorrect (false). Sort the correct sums onto green 'true' pile and incorrect ones onto the red 'false' pile. You can check answers using the simple answer key included.


Addition Task Cards

This set of 20 task cards is fantastic for allowing children to practise their skills through a variety of different question types.  The task cards start with no regrouping and then get progressively more difficult.  An answer recording sheet is included.


Answer keys for all activities are included!


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