Dinosaur Colour-by-Number Worksheets: Multiplication and Division Facts (CANADIAN SPELLING VERSION)

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Fun and engaging dinosaur-themed color-by-number worksheets for practicing multiplication and division facts!

Please note: this version is for CANADIAN/UK spelling ("colour" and "grey"). Please click HERE for the US spelling version)

This download contains 4 dinosaur worksheets, each one featuring a different dinosaur picture.

Worksheet 1 – Multiplication facts (up to 10 x 10)

Worksheet 2 – Division facts (1s to 10s)

Worksheet 3 – Multiplication facts (up to 12 x 12)

Worksheet 4 – Division facts (1s to 12s)

To complete these worksheets, first answer the multiplication or division questions, and then color in the picture by following the color code.  Answer keys are included.

Each worksheet is jam-packed with math fact questions.  It's math facts meet dinosaurs!

PLEASE NOTE: This resource is a digital PDF download.  No physical copy will be shipped.