100 and 120 Chart: Missing Number Activities

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Help your child develop their counting skills and build number sense with these fun hundreds chart activities!

In these activities, children will need to use their counting skills and knowledge of numbers to fill in the gaps in the hundreds charts (or section of the chart). These activity sheets get gradually more difficult with more missing numbers for them to find in the later worksheets.  Fantastic for building fluency and confidence with numbers to 120!

This resource has been designed for children in kindergarten to grade 1.  These activities are no prep and an answer key is included.

This resource is divided into 2 sections: one set of activities for numbers to 100 and a second set of activities for numbers to 120 (20 activity pages in total).

For each section there are 10 activity sheets: 7 missing number charts pages, 2 hundreds chart 'snippets' worksheets and also a quiz sheet.

100 charts and 120 charts are also included (in both black and white and also rainbow).


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