Number Sense Clip Cards (Numbers to 10)

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Help your child to develop some important early number skills with this bumper set of number sense clip cards!

These clip cards are fun, hands-on and feature colourful original artwork.

This resource is entirely focused on numbers to 10 and is great for children in preschool or kindergarten who are working on building number sense.

The download contains 120 clip cards!  These are divided into six sets of 20 cards as follows:


Set 1:  Counting dots in a ten frame

Set 2:  Counting objects

Set 3:  Counting dots on dice

Set 4:  Missing numbers (ordering numbers forwards and backwards)

Set 5:  Comparing the number of objects in two groups (more/less)

Set 6:  Comparing written numerals (bigger/smaller)


Through these activities your child will be working on counting skills, recognizing numbers, ordering numbers and comparing numbers

With these clip cards, your child will benefit from seeing numbers 0 through 10 presented in lots of different ways, for example in ten frames, as dot patterns, as groups of objects and as written numerals.


How to use the clip cards

To use these clip cards, first print and cut out the cards. There are 4 cards per page.

In addition to the clip cards, you will need some clothes pegs. 

For each card there is a question at the top and then 2 or 3 possible answers (either numbers or pictures) underneath.

To complete the clip cards, answer the question on the card and then attach a clothes peg to the correct number of picture along the bottom of the card.


You can read all about these clip cards over on this blog post HERE.


PLEASE NOTE: This resource is a digital PDF download.  No physical copy will be shipped.


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