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Preschool Math Activity Pack (US Spelling)

Preschool Math Activity Pack (US Spelling)

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A bundle of TEN fun, hands-on resources for preschoolers (pdf digital download). 

Make math fun for little ones with this collection of interesting activities and games, complete with original artwork.

** Please note: this is the version for US spelling (e.g. 'color'). For the Canadian/Australian/UK spelling version, please click here.**


Activities included:

1. Feed the Shape Monsters

Shape sorting activity including five monsters and 36 photo cards of everyday objects of different shapes). Feed the shape cards to the correct shape monster (monsters eat circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and ovals).

2. Candy Jar Five Frames Game

Become familiar with numbers 1 to 5 show as dots in a five frame.  A simple game for 2 or 3 players.

3. Roll and Colour Worksheets 

A set of 3 'roll and colour' worksheets for numbers 1 to 6.  Roll the dice and colour a number that matches.  Repeat until all the numbers have been coloured.  Numbers shown as numerals, dots on dice, and as dots in ten frames.  

4. Number Tracing:

Number tracing sheets for numbers 0 to 10.

5. Bee Hive Number Puzzles

Count the bees and match to the hive showing the corresponding numeral.  These sweet bee-themed puzzles are self-correcting, so the pieces will only fit together if the math is correct.

6. More/Less Fruit Clip Cards

24 fruit clip cards for practising the concepts of more and less.  Count the two groups of fruit and then clip the correct answer at the bottom of each card (requires clothes pegs).

7. Playdough Shape Mats:

Have fun creating shapes with playdough.  Shape mats for circles, ovals, rectangles, squares and triangles. 

8. Ten Frame Matching Pairs

Play matching pairs with this set of 20 cards (10 numerals and 10 ten frame picture cards).  Alternatively, use the cards as a matching activity or cut and paste activity.

9. Repeated pattern clip cards and worksheets

24 clip cards and two activity sheets for continuing patterns.  Activities include repeated colour patterns as well as picture patterns (requires clothes pegs, colouring supplies, glue stick and scissors).

10. Colour Sorting

Colour sorting mats for red, green, blue and yellow.  Includes 32 cards picture cards with different coloured objects to sort.


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